Panel Total Chart

Hello everyone, welcome back to our website, today we will explore another very useful chart, and it is the Panel Total Chart. Some people also call it the Panna Total Chart, so you don't need to confuse this term, the Panna total chart and the panel total chart are the same term.

So, firstly we should understand the concept of the panel total chart, it's simply the sum of three digits of the panel which is called the panel chart, for example, if your panel number is 120 then the total will become 3 in panna 120, then 3 then this panna panel will be called total 1 2 0 the sum will be 3, and if we write it together so it will become 120 and then 3 so this panna panel will be called the total. But, if the total comes in two digits for example if it comes in the double figure, three digits in your panel figure 7 8 & 9 then your sum is 24 so it's a double figure after performing the sum.

It's becoming 24 then the second digit of the total is 4, then the panel to get this will consider 4 as the total so do you understand if the number is a single figure then we will consider it but if it is a double-digit then we will consider the second number, for example; if your sum is after the calculation is coming 39 then 9 will be considered and 3 will be neglected.

I hope you understand also one thing to note here is total is a different equation from count so you should consider this ok if we see the panel so there are a total of 0 and we have a lot of numbers here in the form of three-digit numbers then we have total 1 again three rows of numbers then total 2 total 3 and so on till total 9 so this is our chart. I hope you will check it out and you will get useful insights.

पाना टोटल चार्ट पैनल टोटल चार्ट
पाने के तीनो अंको के जोड़ को पाना टोटल कहते हैं
जैसे पाना 120 में 1+2+0=3 आया तो 3 इस पाने का पैनल टोटल कहलायेगा
लेकिन अगर टोटल 2 अंको में आता है जैसे
7+8+9=24 तो टोटल का दूसरा अंक जोकि 4 है
तो 4 को इस पाने का पैनल टोटल मानेगे
नोट - टोटल कॉउंट से अलग समीकरण है

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